Thank you for using MPO. In the following you will be provided with useful information and tips relating to the use of our software.


If the information you get on this page is not sufficient please do not hesitate to contact our service hotline or send an e-mail to on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

For Germany or Switzerland please use +49 931 306 990-70 or

For Slovenija please use : +386-1-582-82-82

For Hrvaška please use+385-1-560-51-92

For Polska please use: +48-22-541-10-20 or

For Hungary please use: +36-1-288-2000 or

For Slovakia please use: +421-220-839-977 or

For Czech Republic please us: +420-222-339-400 or

Please enter any keywords in this search box to look for appropriate information:


Furthermore you can click on a link concerning your request in the menu on the left side or in this table:

RequestFor more information please see...Subordinate pages
First stepsIt is the first time you use MPO and you want to get familiar to this program step by step? Please consult the Quick Start Guide which wants to introduce you to the points "overview", "configuration" and "use".

Overview of the program
The configuration of the program
First steps how to use the program

For advanced usersYou have already gained some basic skills and want to learn more about certain features of the program? Please consult the explanations to the modules and to the additional modules.

Dashboard Module appointments  -  Module service advisor  -  Module accessories Module service

Statistics - Fixed prices  -  Checklists editor  -  Pictureframe generator  -  Price tags  -  Search functions

Individual adjustmentYou want to adapt the program to your individual needs as far as possible? The explanations to the settings might be useful for you.
We have a problem..

You are facing a certain problem while using MPO? Please check the troubleshooting guide which shows a list of problems to be solved.

Fluids are not displayed in the offers.
The price for the Dacia maintenance is too high.
More common problems...

How to ... ?

You want to gather information to a certain step? Please check the how-to articles, which give a detailed information on some complex steps.

Data export from windows version to MPO

Set print options
Forgot password?!
More how-to articles...


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